Green Acre

Massive inspiration from SimLinks

To find it search for my Origin ID- emmavvt

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Legacy Challenge – Part 3

I decided now that I would keep a family tree as Sims 4 does not have one now and I would soon be forgetting the previous generations / who is related and how, etc. The link for the site I used is below, free of charge but sign up is required.

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Legacy Challenge – Part 2

peyton n ayden

Cara Legacy found her future husband at the Willow Creek library and then later had two children, Peyton and Ayden. Originally I had only planned to have the one child since my legacy said that I only needed one, however – quite sadly- she had  twins which made things more complicated.

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Legacy Challenge

 Legacy ChallengeLegacy

Recently I have been looking at a few challenges and decided to start the Legacy Challenge.

The legacy is basically just a 10-generation challenge which includes following certain rules and laws for each different generation.

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ORIGIN ID- emmavvt